Like what you see here? Then buy Playmakers


The new NFL season begins in two days. Interest in the coming campaign has sparked a major spike in visitors to PFT.

For starters, hello. Welcome back. Or, as the case may be, welcome.

We hope you like the content, from the written stories to the videos to whatever else you find. It’s all free. All of it.

Which gives you more money to buy other things. Like, for example, books. Like, for example, a copy of Playmakers.

That’s my book about the past 20 years in the NFL. It comes out on March 15. The publisher will be very happy with me if I can persuade as many of you as possible to pre-order as many copies as possible. The sooner the better.

As previously mentioned, we’re working on an exclusive benefit to those who preorder, over and above the book itself but available only to those who have bought the book early. It’s 99.9 percent a go, and we’re expecting to announce it on Friday.

Sure, you can wait until Friday to see what it is and preorder then. Or, you could preorder now and realize that anything over and above the book is a freebie, and maybe then you’ll be even more interested in finding out what it is.

Or something. Hey, I’m just trying to get you to preorder the book.

As usual, here’s the Amazon link. If you prefer to buy from Barnes and Noble, you can preorder it there. Or you can order it from Book-A-Million. Or through Or if you’d like to preorder through an independent bookstore, can hook you up.